A beautiful girl dances to her own tune in a beautiful dress

A beautiful girl dances to her own tune in a beautiful dress. Today’s title describes the image. Today’s picture is of a dancing girl who is happy in her music without caring about the world.

Let’s start the picture without wasting time.

Step 1:

A beautiful girl dances to her own tune in a beautiful dress…

In the first stage, let’s draw the girl’s face.


Step 2:

Then we will draw her beautiful hair which is waving in the air while dancing. Long and thick hair adds to its beauty.


Step 3:

In the third stage, we will make a beautiful dress in which she looks exactly like a doll. We will make the whole body into a garment, which she is holding and moving around.


Step 4:

After drawing the picture will now be filled with color. The colors in the girl’s hair in the dress that can express her happiness.


Step 5:

After painting the image, the image is complete. The picture is telling the truth. The truth given in the title is that colors are very important for life. Colorless life is never life.


This is a beautiful picture of today in which a girl is seen dancing to her own tune.
Some people’s life is like this, whether it is happiness or sorrow in their life, they are always happy, unaware of the happy world in their life. Nothing bad happens to anyone inside such people.

Hope you enjoyed today’s title and photo. You must draw the picture. Be happy like the girl in this picture. Life is beautiful. Appreciate it. Be happy and keep others.

The time that passes does not come back. Understand the importance of it and live your life in a good way.

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