A duck cartoon introducing itself to the world of happiness

I am drawing a picture of a Duk cartoon which is happily introducing itself: Cartoon characters Sibi are very cute but I like duck cartoons very much. His face is very innocent. Delighted in their lyrics, they are very beautiful. If you ever see them, they will look very innocent.

Let’s start today’s drawing without wasting time.

Step 1:

Let’s start with the mouth of the duck cartoon. And then we will complete it step by step.


Step 2:

After completing the first stage, we will now draw this innocent duck cartoon in the second stage.
And let’s see what it looks like to be complete.
You have to draw as you see in the picture below.After drawing like this, we will fill it with colors so that our picture is complete.
We will also start the coloring phase.



Step 3:

After painting in the third stage, our picture is complete.
This is our duck cartoon which looks very beautiful and innocent after coloring. It will be more beautiful because of the colors.See in the picture how happy she is to introduce herself.


This beautiful picture of us today is complete.
In which duck cartoon is telling about you with great pleasure and style.
We hope you enjoy the drawing. If you like drawing for kids and my hard work, you will definitely draw it. Then after drawing, you will definitely give me feedback on how you made it. This is what I try to do. I will teach you to draw easily so that you can draw easily and you will understand.

It will be easier for you if you repeat the drawing.
Nothing comes from making it all at once, you have to try again and again, then you become an expert in this work and you can do that work very beautifully. This drawing is the same, the more times you make it, the better.
I hope you understand my way of explaining and you also try drawing as I have told you.

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