A grasshopper has sensitive feelers

A grasshopper has sensitive feelers: Today we will draw a picture of a grasshopper That has very delicate feelers. A locust is a grasshopper that grows on the grass.  it has two wings and only two feelers from which it feels its prey. but is green in color? It flies very fast in the air with the help of its wings. Her feelers are straight in front of her face.

Let’s start today’s drawing. A grasshopper has sensitive feelers.

Step 1:

Before you can draw a picture, you need to have a raw pencil and sharpen the tip.Then start drawing your picture as you would a locust face, as you can see in the picture below.


Step 2:

In the second stage we will complete the locust that is sitting on a branch.You have to draw as you see in the picture.


Step 3:

As you have seen in the second stage, our picture has been drawn. Now in the third stage, we will fill it with colors.so that this picture looks even more beautiful. We will start painting this way. As you can see in the picture below.


Step 4:

After coloring, our picture is perfect. In this, we have used three colors. Black, green and brown. These colors have made our picture beautiful. See, you will see this after our picture is complete.


The colors in the picture make it very beautiful.This is our drawing for today. I hope you like it.If you like it, you will definitely draw it and give us feedback so that we can make a better drawing and teach you to draw more easily.
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