A mother who competes with the world for your happiness.

A mother who competes with the world for your happiness. The mother is the entity who endures the sufferings of the world and gives her children all the comforts of the world.
I am going to show you something like this in my picture today. See and feel that no one has ever given you more love.
It is the mother who gives you love without any greed.

You know that even if we serve our mother all our lives, we cannot repay her love.

Let’s start today’s drawing without wasting time.

A mother who competes with the world for your.

Step 1:

In the first step, we will draw the mother whose example I am going to present to you.
You will find today’s drawing very interesting.


Step 2:

In the next step we will make a tree in front of it which will help you to understand this example better through this picture. Make a tree like the one you see in the picture.


Step 3:

By looking at half the picture in the second stage, you will have guessed which mother’s example is given in today’s picture.
Now let’s complete our picture and draw this mother’s baby.


Step 4:

Now you can color it to make your image beautiful.
Just like a mother fills her children’s lives with colors of happiness by forgetting her trouble

Our image is complete after coloring.
Don’t just look at the picture. Take a look at the mother who flies from place to place all day looking for food, just for her children, who will be hungry in the nest waiting for their mother.

The purpose of this picture of mine was to tell you to appreciate mother. Mother sacrifices so much for us, she sacrifices her happiness to meet our needs.

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