Beautiful girl in front of the mirror. The mirror is the weakness of girls. Girls are very delicate and beautiful. They are very fond of decorating. Girls sit in front of a mirror for hours to decorate themselves.
Today’s picture is made to illustrate the same thing.
Allah Almighty has made girls very delicate and very beautiful. If she does not refine her beauty, her beauty will fade.
In this drawing, you will see a beautiful girl in front of the mirror.

Let’s draw a beautiful girl in front of the mirror

Step 1:

Raw pencil sharpeners will make it easier to draw
We will start making the girl’s head with the tip of a very thin pencil.

Beautiful girl in front of the mirror:

Step 2:

Will complete the girl with a beautiful colorful frock. In the second step we will do this.

Beautiful girl with frock in front of you.

Step 3:

Beautiful girl drawing. The title of our picture is Now we will draw the mirror in front of the girl. In the third stage, look at this picture.

Step 4:

Our title is Beautiful Girl Drawing. Now we will draw the image of a beautiful girl in the mirror. Which will make you understand my title better. How a mirror silently describes beauty. How do girls sit in front of a mirror?

Step 5:

Such a beautiful girl looking at herself in the mirror. Such drawing is incomplete without colors. It’s the turn of the colors. The colors that give life to this picture.

Step 6:

In the sixth stage, our picture is complete. In which the colors have created more beauty.

This is my drawing for today. Hope you like it. Now you can easily create this picture.