Beautiful picture of Doraemon flying in the air

Beautiful picture of Doraemon flying in the air: Doraemon is a cartoon character that every child knows and loves. That is why today’s drawing is made according to the children’s choice.

Children are very fond of cartoons. When they sit in front of the TV and then do not listen to anyone, they only care about cartoons and forget everything while watching cartoons.
The world of cartoons is a world that feels very real as if we were there.

Let’s start today’s picture. Beautiful picture of Doraemon flying in the air.

Step 1:

Let’s start drawing from Doraemon’s mouth.
The tip of the raw pencil should be fine, then our picture will be beautiful.
Make the faces you see in the picture.


Step 2:

In the second phase, the image of Doraemon will be completed.
You look at this picture carefully.


Step 3:

Now it’s time to make this beautiful picture even more beautiful.
That is, the most important stage of our drawing, the stage in which we color our picture and complete the picture.


Step 4:

After painting, our picture is ready in the fourth stage.
Doraemon flying in the air. This picture looks even more beautiful with the color.
Kids have a lot of fun making cartoon characters.
Especially such characters.


This is today’s picture according to the title, I hope you like it. I hope the children will draw this picture because this character is a favorite of the children. I have made this character in a very simple way so that all the children can make this drawing easily.
We try to draw a picture that is easy to understand and easy for everyone to create.

Draw this picture. We will definitely give you feedback on how you like our effort.
And how do you like our google drawing?
Please give feedback, it encourages us and we are able to do better.

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