Books are best friends that will never leave you

Books are best friends that will never leave you: Books are best friends. Where does it go? Why is it called? Do you all know?
This is because it does not leave you alone, it talks to you and tells you the difference between right and wrong. Books are best friends. Reading them gives you a lot of information about the world that you didn’t know before.It is better to spend time with this good friend than to waste your free time.

Read the information in it and learn from it. The best friend is the one who can tell you the difference between good and evil.

That’s what our picture today is about. The picture shows a girl reading a story book while traveling in a car. This will make her journey better and will also increase the information.

Let’s start today’s picture۔Books are best friends that will never leave you.

Step 1:

In the first step we will draw a beautiful girl that you see in the picture.


Step 2:

In the second stage, we will complete the picture of the girl who is traveling. A storybook in hand.


Step 3:

Now let’s move on to our third stage which is very important without which this picture is incomplete.
The third step is to color the image in this way.


Step 4:

In the end, after painting, our picture is ready. The title we had, books are best friends, they don’t leave us alone. This picture shows the girl reading her book while traveling.


That was today’s picture. Hope you like it.
Will definitely make this picture. Very simple image created. Exactly according to the title ۔

Books are best friends that will never leave you.

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