Chota Bheem with Ladoo pencil drawing

Chota Bheem with Ladoo pencil drawing: Chota Bheem is such a character. Which is a cartoon that kids and adults love. Chhota Bheem is a naughty character who loves to fight. Seen in these cartoons. When bheem eats ludo. It becomes very powerful and uses this power for good deeds. Helps people.


Let’s start today’s drawing without wasting time. Chota Bheem with Ladoo pencil drawing.


Step 1: 

To create this character we will first draw such a line in the first step because here we are going to create chota bheem with Ladoo. We will make its head using this line. Then we will make his eyes. After making his nose, we will make his lips on which Bheem is laughing with his tongue. Because Bheem loves ladoo, he is eating ladoo at the moment. See in the picture below.

Step 2:  


In the second step, we will make ladoo in the hand of chota bheem which he is eating. You know that Bheem loves ludo and he feels powerful when he eats ludo. Therefore, it is important to have a fight in the drawing of the behemoth. See in the picture below.


This was our today’s drawing chota bheem with Ladoo. We hope you enjoy the drawing.
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