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craftsman Drawing: Today we will draw a picture of bees. Who is making honey beautifully? There are many types of bees and they all do their job. JustJust like some bees bring the juice of flowers from which they make honey, some make honeycombs, some take care of the hive and some make honey from the juice of these flowers.
Here all the bees do their work.

Let’s start today’s drawing. The bees live in the hive, which they make beautifully. Just like a craftsman drawing.

Step 1:

First, you will cut a raw pencil to make the tip thinner and then you will make a roof in the way you see in the picture. You have to make it just as beautifully.


Step 2:

After completing the first stage, we will now make the flies on this hive in the second stage, just as I have made them. You have made the same with the craftsmen drawing.
So that your picture looks the same as mine.


Step 3:

After making bees on the hive.
Now comes our favorite stage in which we fill in the picture in our drawing.
Let’s get startedÛ”


Step 4:

After painting in the third stage, our picture is complete.
Which looks very beautiful
Bees make their hive and make it like this.
As you can see in the picture below.
They make different boxes and bring the same amount of flower juice and in each box they make honey through this juice.


Here is our complete picture.
Hope you like it.
Honey is very sweet and strong. It is used for various purposes.
The honey that we love to eat, these bees make it with so much effort.

If you like today’s drawing, you will definitely 3d draw drawing it.

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