Doraemon expressing his love for his cat, which both are very happy about.

Doraemon expressing his love for his cat, which both are very happy about. Today’s picture is of Doraemon. It is a character in the world of cartoons. Doraemon plays an important role in cartoons.
Doraemon is a cat that travels in the 22nd century with the help of a boy. Today’s picture is of this character. I hope you will like it.

Let’s start today’s drawing withut wasting time.

Step 1 of Doraemon expressing his love for his cat

In the first step, we will draw Doraemon. We will start with his cute mouth.
And will make it easy.

Step 2:

In the second stage, we will complete Doraemon and also draw a picture of her cat, with which she is showing love. We will draw the cat in such a way that it is right next to Doraemon.


Step 3:

As you saw in the second stage picture, after drawing Doraemon and the cat, now in the third stage, it will be filled with colors.


Step 4:

After coloring, in the fourth step, our picture will be ready as you can see in the picture.
Doraemon is a very cute character who is playing an important role in these cartoons.
Children love her because of her innocence and watch her cartoons with great interest.

Cartoons are children’s favorite programs. Children look for opportunities to sit in front of the TV and watch funny cartoons.
Cartoons are also doraemons that entertain children the best.



This is our picture of today in which Doraemon is showing love to her cat.
We hope you enjoy our picture today.
It has been drawn in a very simple way so that you can easily create this image.
It’s not hard to draw anything, just a little attention.

If you like this picture, you will definitely try to draw it.

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