Doraemon is enjoying the sky with his cat

Doraemon is having a lot of fun walking the sky with her cat. She loves her cat very much. Take it with you wherever you go. In today’s photo, we will show you how Doraemon is enjoying walking with her cat. Doraemon is a character in the Doraemon cartoon who loves everyone and helps everyone a lot.

These are children’s favorite cartoons. Children love it.

Let’s start today’s drawing. Doraemon is enjoying the sky with his cat.

Step 1:

In the first step, before we start our picture, we will cut the tip with a raw pencil and then we will start as you see in the picture. First we will draw such a line.


Step 2:

In the second stage we will complete the Dorimon sitting on a broom. The magic broom that flies in the air that sits on top of it carries it into the air.
They will complete the doraemon and then put it on the broom as I have made in the picture.


Step 3:

After drawing Doraemon sitting on the broom, now in the third stage we will make Doraemon’s baby cat which is the cat that Doraemon likes very much and is with him all the time.
This is what you see in the picture.


Step 4:

In the fourth step, we will complete the image as we see it in the image below.Any image is incomplete without colors, so it is important to fill in the colors.


Our image is complete after coloring.
As you can see in the picture, Doraemon is sitting on the back of her cat and taking her for a walk in the sky.

If you like my picture today, you must draw it.We will definitely give feedback.So that we can make more such pictures for you.

Doraemon is having a lot of fun walking the sky with her cat

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