Honeybee with bucket of honey pencil drawing

In today’s drawing we are going to make a bee. You must know about bees. It makes honey. This bee that makes honey by sucking the juice from flowers is a beautiful gift from Allah Almighty for us.


Let’s start today’s drawing. Honeybee with bucket pencil drawing.


Step 1:


In the first step, we will make the eyes of this beautiful honeybee. She is also very big which will add to her beauty. After making her beautiful eyes, we will make her face by making a circle. As you can see in the picture below.


Step 2:


In the second stage we will make the rest of his body. As you know our today’s drawing is honeybee with bucket of honey. We will make both his hands, we will make both his feet and we will make a bucket in his hand which will contain honey. We will make it in the way you see in the picture below.



Step 3:


In the third step, we will give the final look to our picture. In this step we will complete the picture using a raw pencil. We will make honey in its bucket as our title is honeybee with bucket of honey. See in the picture below.




This is today’s beautiful drawing. I hope you like it. If you understand this drawing step by step, then you must draw it. You can only understand something better if you do it over and over again. To be an expert at drawing, you need to draw again and again.

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