How to draw a beautiful for kids

How to draw a beautiful for kids: Butterflies are very popular among children. A butterfly is a worm with two wings that it uses to fly from place to place. Butterflies are flower lovers. They suck the sap of flowers. Butterflies are more visible in the spring season because there are flowers everywhere in the spring season. here we learn that How to draw

Just like flowers are of different colors, butterflies are also of different colors. They are of seven colors and are very beautiful.

Let’s start today’s drawing.How to draw a beautiful for kids .

Step 1:

In the first stage, we will make the face of the butterfly in which the butterfly is giving a sweet smile.
Make it look like the picture you see below




Step 2:


In the second step, we will draw a complete butterfly that can be seen flying in the open air with both hands.
Let us draw as I have shown you in the picture below.

That butterfly is flying with a beautiful smile.





Step 3:


After drawing the butterfly completely in the second stage, now it is the turn to fill the color in the third stage.
No drawing is complete without this step.
Here we will use the colors yellow, blue, red, black and purple.






Step 4:


After coloring in the third step, we will show you the complete picture in the fourth step.
What was our drawing today and what does it look like after drawing?
See in the picture below.



This is the final look of our drawing today. I hope you like it very much.
If you like my drawing today, please like our page and give us feedback so that we can make more good drawings for children.

Our goal is to teach children to draw easily.
So that the children can draw easily.

Your support is very important to us.


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