How to draw a bird for kids step by step

How to draw a bird for kids step by step: today we will learn how to draw a bird for kids. Birds are the creator’s creation with very delicate little hearts. They fly in the sky and live in it by making nests. They fly here and there all day to eat food and do not store it for the next day.

Today’s picture is going to be very informative for children. In this way, children will be able to make any bird easily.


So let’s start today’s drawing without wasting time. How to draw a bird for kids step by step 


Step 1:


In the first stage, we will make a bird’s mouth, then we will make a complete bird. You have to make a beak in the same way as I have made a beak by sharpening the tip of a raw pencil.





Step 2:


In the second stage, you will complete your bird in this way, make two feathers, make two heads and make two claws.See how to complete this bird in this picture.





Step 3:


As you saw in the second step, after drawing the picture completely, now fill it with colors so that the drawing is well understood by the children. Here we will use black, yellow, brown, and malt.






Step 4:


In the fourth stage, it is our turn. What does the final look like after our picture is completed? .Birds are so beautiful they look so cute.See in the picture below.





This is our picture for today. I hope you like it very much. If you understood and liked today’s drawing, please like our page and give us your opinion in the comments. Your feedback encourages us to be able to do better for you.
I hope you like my way of explaining.

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