How to draw a butterfly that is in love with a flower

How to draw a butterfly that is in love with a flower: Drawing is an art in which you draw a specific image in your mind on a blank piece of paper with a raw pencil and tell you what the image in your mind is and what it looks like.
Today I am going to make the image in my mind in front of all of you and I will do my best to tell you what the image in my mind is like.

So let’s start today’s drawing 

Today I am going to draw a butterfly that loves flowers so much !!
Butterfly is a very beautiful creature made by Allah Almighty. It is very delicate and soft. It has two wings which come in different colors. Butterflies are very beautiful to look at. They love flowers very much because They suck the sap of flowers. Butterflies are very visible in spring season because there are many flowers in spring season. That is why butterflies love flowers very much.

Step 1:

In the first step we will make the body of the butterfly as you see in the first picture. The butterfly takes the form of the first taqoon as you see.


Step 2:

Now in step 2 we will make beautiful butterfly wings that enhance the beauty of the butterfly and from which it flies from place to place. These wings of the butterfly help it to fly. The wings of the butterfly draw as shown in the picture.


Step 3:

Now we will draw a flower which the butterfly goes to see and expresses love to it.
We will draw such a flower as you can see in the picture.


Step 4:

Now it’s time to beautify the butterfly and the flower. Just like life has no color in life, life seems colorless, just as drawing seems incomplete without colors. In step 4, we will fill in the color in our


Step 5:

Now in step 5 our picture is ready in which it is seen that a butterfly is expressing her love with a flower.
Allah Almighty has not made anything in the world useless. Everything in the world is very beautiful.
I hope you like this picture of mine and know how to draw.



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