How to draw a doll for beginners

pencil sketches for beginners


  • Definition:  “Pencil sketch means drawing a picture on a plain piece of paper with a raw pencil that is in your mind.”

example: The image can be anyone’s, be it a human, an animal, a vegetable, a fruit or a natural view. It depends on the creator’s mind how beautifully he draws anything on paper.

How to draw a doll for beginners

Today we are going to draw a doll.Little girls love dolls. They play with dolls with their friends. But Dolls are their favorite toy.So Every girl’s drawing or  childhood is spent playing with dolls.

Did you know that daughters are the dolls of their parents?
Parents love their daughters very much. Because They are the blessings of God Almighty. So In the house where there are daughters, there is a special mercy of God Almighty.

Let’s start today’s drawing.

Step 1 of  How to draw a doll for beginners

We will learn easy pencil drawing of doll step by step.Then first we will draw a little doll wearing a beautiful frock.Look at the picture below. So we will draw the doll in a very simple and easy way.This is a very simple method that any child can easily keep in mind.


Step 2: baby doll drawing 

In the second step, how to draw a doll? Will be given a final look.Because any image is incomplete without colors, it is important to fill in the color after drawing.
See in the picture below.

This is our picture for today.So  I hope you like it and understand it well. If you like our drawing today, please like our page and support us.

Thus On this page we teach you how to draw a pencil sketch? how to draw anime girl? how to draw barbie doll? how to draw a cartoon? These are the pictures you get to learn from this page.

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