How to draw a duck step by Step

How to draw a duck step by Step: The duck is very innocent, very comfortable, and walks slowly. But they live in ponds and they like water very much. They have beaks and two legs. So they move and can fly a little. They are white, brown, and black in color with yellow feet and beak.

Today we will draw a duck.


Let’s start today’s drawing without wasting time. How to draw a duck step by Step


Step 1:


In the first step, we will start drawing the duck. Before that, we will cut the raw pencil and sharpen the tip so that the drawing will be good.
Because the thinner the pencil, the more beautiful the drawing.
We will complete the duck in the way shown in the picture below. We will make its beak then we will make it on both feet and we will make the rest of the body.





This way we will draw the whole picture. The rest of the methods will tell you in the second stage. Let’s move on to the second stage.



Step 2:



In the second step we will color our picture because any drawing is incomplete without colors so it is necessary to color.
Here we will use green, brown, yellow and black.
And in this way the colors will be filled in the picture.





This is our simple picture of today made for children so that they can learn easily.
Today we have created a simple picture of a duck step by step for children.
I hope the children liked today’s drawing very much. If they like the drawing, then if we make such a drawing for you, please like our page and support us.

Our goal is to teach you how to make good and simple drawings.

We hope you enjoy the extension. Your support is very important to us.

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