How to draw a flower for kids

How to draw a flower for kids: Let’s talk about flowers today. Everyone loves flowers, especially roses. The flowers are of different colors. The rose flower is red in color. This flower grows on a plant. The red flower grows with green leaves, it has thorns on its twig. The flower is mentioned because our drawing today is of flowers.
Today we are going to make a red rose.


Let’s move on to today’s drawing. How to draw a flower for kids 


In it we are going to make flowers for children using the method they can draw flowers.
First sharpen the tip with a raw pencil to make the flowers beautiful.


Step 1:


In the first step, we will draw the flower. We will start by making a thin twig from the flower twig, then we will make a flower on it.
Because first a twig comes out of the plant, then a bud blooms on it and that bud becomes a flower.
This is how we will make the twig first, then the flower and the leaves around it.
See in the picture below.





This way you can draw the flower completely, a thin twig, leaves and an open flower.
In this way.

Now we will give it a complete look in the next step.


Step 2:


In the second step, we will fill the color in our drawing and tell you how beautiful the whole flower will look after filling the color.
Because flowers don’t look good without colors.
See, we will use green, brown and red here.





Take a look at the final look of our drawing today. I hope you like today’s picture.
Today’s picture was how to draw a flower for kids.
I have made it in a simple and easy way, children will definitely draw.
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