How to draw a girl feeling the wind

Here I will draw you a picture of a girl who is feeling the wind. All this way you will see step by step.I’m sure you won’t have any trouble drawing it.

Let’s get started.

Step 1:

First you need to draw a line for the forehead, nose, and lips.


Step 2:

This is followed by a line from the forehead line to the ears and neck.


Step 3 of  How to draw a girl feeling the wind

Then start a line from the forehead and neck line and make the hair of the head like this.


Step 4:

Now the rest of his body will be made up of the neck, chest and abdomen.


Step 5:

Now we will draw her hair feel like she is waving in the air.See and understand in the picture.


Step 6:

After making the hair design, our picture is ready in which it is seen that a girl is feeling the wind with her eyes closed.


This is the final look of our drawing today. I hope you have understood well and you will like my hard work.

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