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How to Draw Lampshade – Step by Step Tutorial


how to draw lamp: How to draw lampshade step by step, is something that can be learned with ease. There are three basic steps to draw any type of lamp. First, you will need to sketch out your image on paper. Second, once you have drawn your image, it is time to add the shadow or reflectivity to it. Finally, you can apply highlights to the image to enhance the overall look of your artwork drawing.

Step one that how to draw lamp

Step one: Begin by sketching out a basic heart shape on a dry-floured white piece of board. The easiest way to do this is to use a pencil so that you can make an easy copy. Next, begin drawing out a circular shade that forms the outline of your heart. Be sure to include the top, bottom and two sides. After your heart is complete, it is time to add the shadow or reflectivity to your heart.

Step two of Lamp drawing

Once you have drawn out your heart, you are ready to start adding the shadow or reflectivity to it using a brush. It is best to do this while standing in front of a window so that you can see the full spectrum of light that is available. Start by brushing your shadow on with a highlighter or small brush in an upward motion. You can also use a combination of both.

Step three drawing of lamp

Once you have finished the basic heart sketch, it is time to add the bright parts to your image. To do this, you need to use either a pencil or a brush. Use a very small amount of paint at first and try to blend the areas of your image to create a smooth finish. Always start with a small area until you get a smooth finish.

Step four

For the last step, you will need to add the actual shade or reflectivity to your image. To do this, you need to begin at the top of your image, extend a brush in a downward motion to create a highlight. Move the brush slowly to the bottom, creating a more subtle highlight. Repeat the steps for the other highlights you want to add. You will end up with a warm glow on your lampshade, making it look like you are wearing a cape made of light.


These four steps may seem relatively simple, but they are actually not. If you follow these tips, you can end up with an image that looks completely different than you started with. Keep in mind that you have a lot of options when you are learning how to draw lampshade. However, the ones listed above are some of your best choices.


You may also want to take some lessons before you attempt these steps. It is always helpful to see how other artists are doing things when you are just starting to learn how to draw lampshade. You may even want to find someone who has experience in these types of drawings. The worst case scenario is that you’ll be stuck trying to figure out what you are doing wrong. It would be better if you can learn from the mistakes of others instead of being stuck trying to figure out what went wrong.


These tips should help you become more comfortable in learning how to draw lampshade in no time at all. Good luck. You’ll soon be able to draw anything you want. Who knows? You might even get ideas from these lampshade drawing tips and go far beyond what you imagined you could.


These steps are very easy to follow. They will get you started in learning how to draw. They will also help you make it easier to master the more complicated steps. As your skills progress, you can move onto the next steps and learn the difficult stuff for yourself.


This is a short step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a lampshade. All you need to do is follow the instructions as they are given. There is no right or wrong way to do it. You don’t need any special drawing skills in order to do this. It really can be as simple as following these steps and drawing a lampshade that looks great.


These steps will start you on your journey to learn how to draw lampshade. Just remember, there is no right or wrong way to do it. In fact, it is better if you don’t do anything at all. If you have any problems or difficulties along the way, just try not to be too concerned about it. Just learn from your mistakes and go on.

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