The camel is the animal that goes to the desert plane

The camel is the animal that goes to the desert plane. As you know, there is sand everywhere in the desert. Car, motorcycle, the bus cannot be used to travel there. Because all these things can go on the roads, not on the sand. That is why people living in the desert ride camels to travel from one place to another.
The camel moves very fast in the sand. The people there call the camel the plane of the desert. Because a camel carries a man on board like an airplane to its destination. Today we will learn how to draw a camel in our drawing.
I’ll show you how to make a camel easily.

Let’s start today’s drawing.The camel is the animal that goes to the desert plane

Step 1:

In the first step, we will cut our raw pencil and sharpen the tip so that the picture becomes beautiful.
Then we will start drawing from the mouth of the camel drawing.
Just like you can see in the picture below.

step 2:

In the second stage we will complete the body of the camel that is what a camel is like.
You have to draw exactly as shown in this picture.


Step 3:

After drawing the camel’s body completely in the second stage, we will now color the picture in the third stage to make it look even more beautiful.
You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.


Step 4:

In the third stage, after coloring, our beautiful picture will be complete.
As you can see in the picture below, the camel looks more beautiful after colouring.

This is today’s picture. I hope you like it.
I have tried my best to tell and make it easy.

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