The children arrive in Nathiagali for the winter

The children arrive in Nathiagali for the winter: Kids love to go on vacation. Especially in places where there are natural things. Dying in the winter is a favorite pastime of children. Because it snows there in winter, it adds to the beauty of Murree. Our photo today shows two children who have gone for a walk in Murree in the winter.
Warmly dressed enjoying the snow.

Let’s start today’s drawing without wasting time.The children arrive in Nathiagali for the winter۔

Step 1:

In the first stage, before boy drawing, we will trim the raw pencil and make the tip thinner, because the thinner the tip, the more beautiful our picture will be.
We will start with the method you see in the image below to create the image.


Step 2:

In the second stage, we complete the picture of the two children standing in front of the mountains enjoying the cold weather.
That’s how you complete the picture.


Step 3:

After drawing such a picture, it is time to fill in the color without which any picture is incomplete.


Step 4:

After coloring in the third stage, our picture is perfect, as you can see in the picture, every picture is incomplete without colors. Just as colors are very important in life, so are colors in the picture.


In the fourth step of this boy drawing , our picture is ready as you can see. Both children look very beautiful and happy.
I try my best to make drawings that are very simple and easy and that all children can make easily.
If you like drawing, be sure to draw the pictures I made.

It’s not that hard to take a picture, it just needs a little attention.
I make simple pictures so you don’t have any problems and you can happily complete the picture.

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