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The life of a kite: Hello friends how are you I hope you are all well Today I am at your service with a new drawing. Today’s drawing is going to be very special to us. We will teach you to step by step. Stay in touch with us. there is a purpose to live then be it the life of a human being or something. Today I am going to share with you the life of a kite drawing in this drawing.

The life of a kite depends on a string. so It goes to the heights of the sky with the help of a string. It flies in the air. It feels free. But it forgets that the string of its life is in the hands of a child. Who can cut it anytime? This is the reality of life when life is over.

In the picture I am drawing in front of you today, a child is flying a kite in the air. because I want to tell you through this picture what is the reality of life. So This picture shows the life of a kite.

Let’s draw today’s picture 

Step 1 of The life of a kite:

First, draw the baby’s face as you see in the picture.


Step 2  drawing life of a kite:

Now in step 2, we will complete the body of the child as you can see in the picture a naughty child who is ready to play. Because the best children’s game is kite flying.


Step 3  sketch :

Now in step 3, you can see in the picture the child tied the strings with the kite and flew in the air. As you can see the child is very happy to fly the kite. So the kite is also feeling free in the air.


Step 4:

Just as you know that no drawing is complete without colors, so we will color our picture to complete it. But Colors will make our image look more beautiful. And you will understand the reality in this picture of me.


This was today’s picture showing the life of a kite so the reality of life is told. That your life is not yours. Its strings are in the hands of someone else who can pull them whenever he wants. The man should never think of anything. Here we have tried to show you the reality of your life with the life of a kite.
We hope you enjoy today’s photo and content. 3d drawing easy

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