Tom and Jerry enjoying the party

Tom and Jerry enjoying the party: Tom and Jerry are cartoon characters who are always fighting with each other. In cartoons, children enjoy these cartoons a lot because Tom and Jerry have a lot of fun with each other.
The children are very happy to see this fun.

Today’s photo is of Tom and Jerry showing you how Tom and Jerry are enjoying the party.
They have come to party outside the house.

Let’s start today’s beautiful drawing. Tom and Jerry enjoying the party.

Step 1:

In the first stage, we will draw Tom, who is always annoyed by Jerry.
We will start drawing this way.

As you can see in the picture below.


Step 2:

Now, in the second step, we will draw the whole picture, along with the things that Tom and Jerry are eating.
Will draw as I have drawn in the picture below.


Step 3:

After this cartoon drawing the whole picture, we will now color it so that you can better understand how we made the picture and how beautiful it is.
We will fill it with blue, black, green, red and yellow.
As you can see in the picture below.


Step 4:

In the fourth step, our picture is completely complete and looks very beautiful.
You see Tom and Jerry having fun.



Here is a picture of us today showing Tom and Jerry.
I made this picture in a very simple way so that you can easily make it and learn to draw cartoons. Our goal is to teach you how to draw good pictures.
Kids love to draw, which is why we make pictures so easy for kids to draw.

We are encouraged to draw and give feedback on our drawn pictures.
Like our page for such beautiful drawings.

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